Our Story

Speaking of Paris, anyone with a longing for romance has two visions: one is the glowing Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower at night; the other is the dazzling and luster cakes displaced in dessert shops at every corner of the city.

As a French dessert bar, Xtra Sweet brings a slice of Paris, the romance and the passion, to you. We pride ourselves on using premium quality ingredients and adhering to the high standard of French cooking practices, balanced with Asian culinary influences, to provide the community with some most delicate and alluring creations.

As the sister business of The X Pot, Xtra Sweet offers the same quality of excitement and experience through the soft and fluffy texture of cakes, the thoughtfully designed afternoon tea sets, and the welcoming cozy atmosphere. The goal is simple – create a place where people would find some xtra joys, through a bite and sight of our sweets, or an intimate conversation in our relaxing space; create desserts that each evokes a sense of emotion and memory.
Explore French classics accented with some gems of traditional Asian flavors and a contemporary taste of East meets West at Extra Sweet.

If France is full of stories to tell, let us be your France.

Our Chef

Qi Guan

Executive Chef

Guan has the experience of 10 years as a pastry chef, trained and received Le Cordon Bleu Diploma at Ecole Belluoet Conseil. As an aspiring young girl, Guan pursued a law degree in college, then took a hard turn on her career choice after a trip to Europe. She received her Le Cordon Bleu in 2012, and later obtained a professional diploma from Precision Machining Engineers (PME) and a certificate from International Cake Decoration Association (ICDA).

“Cream cake is really the most basic and common cake you can find out there. It’s everywhere, but it’s not easy to find one with just the perfect sweetness, texture, and fluffiness. Same as dessert. You can find a dessert bar at every corner of any street now, but you may never run into one that truly takes dessert-making as a form of art, of a way to connect and communicate with people.”

Hoping to spread the sheer bliss and replicate the magical culinary experiences she enjoyed, Guan had always been dreaming of opening up a dessert bar of her own. In the midst of pandemics, the COO of The X Pot, Joyce, contacted Guan to discuss their shared vision of opening a dessert bar in Las Vegas. From there, the long journey of building Xtra Sweet began.

Guan’s culinary philosophy owns up to the finicky reputation of French patisseries. Led by the craftsmanship she mastered in France and innovated with her love for her roots, she always tries to follow the principle of “novelty in traditions” adding surprise elements while maintaining a sense of familiarity. Our Chef’s earnest love for discovering and making sweets is translated thoroughly in every item at Xtra Sweet.

David Zhao

(Managing Partner)

Joyce Li

Founding Partner

Haibin Yang

Chubby Cattle International 

(Founding Partner)